Database Development Studio

Database Development Studio

  • Are you working on a SQL Server database solution?
  • Wondering how to move changes performed in development to test and production?
  • Use DS to manage your changes and streamline your database deployment process.

Key features

Automatic logging

All data definition language (DDL) changes performed on your database are automatically recorded

Intelligent logging

Add any additional data modification language (DML) changes you require.

Advanced filtering

Choose the changes that will go to production and the ones that will not


Group your changes into versions and manage the current version of your databases

Move changes to staging and production databases using a simple PowerShell script

Advantages and benefits

  • Reduces time spent when creating a new version for software products based on SQL Server
  • Easily integrates with exiting deployment processes, using PowerShell or C#
  • Changes made in development are applied to production in a single transaction – ensuring a consistent move to the next product version
  • Manages database history and allows the recreation of previous database structures

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Frequently asked questions

  • How it works
    Database Development Studio uses a DDL trigger to record all changes on your database
  • How can I change data in target databases?
    Simply add the SQL script that performs the required changes
  • How can I make sure a custom SQL script will run on the database?
    Activate ‘Test added commands’ from the settings menu.
  • How can I update production?
    Export changes made in development and run a PowerShell script to update production

Potential customers

  • SQL Server / T-SQL developers